Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am trying to get my act together and organize my art in an orderly manner but in some cases this is impossible, so I am going to publish a few pieces of my work in this odd collection until I can make the appropriate adjustments.

So, I will start off with my interpretation of what Picasso would have expressed if he had watched Xena on television.  You may recognize my version is modified from Picasso's original "Woman in a Chair".  It is a small diorama (2 ft wide, 3.5 ft tall and 3 inches deep) which is made from the usual wood but is decorated with metal adornments.  And, by the way, it is missing from my collection so if you see it please report this art crime to me and we will apprehend the thief.

The next diorama is my recreation of Edward Hopper's painting entitled "Chop Suey".  My photo includes its supporting 2x4 carpenter horses and portions of other dioramas.  Judging by the hats worn by these two women I would say it was painted in the 1920s.

The next offering is not a diorama but instead painting that I did on a large sun screen (6 ft by 8 ft) of a Renaissance lady once attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci.  The title "La Belle Ferroniere" indicates that she wore a reddish-brown iron oxide stone (ferrous means iron) on her forehead as a part of her attire.  This was offen done to cover a smallpox scar and eventually became fashionable. You will notice that it does not appear in my painting.  Why?  Because I forgot to paint it, that's why.  Someday I hope to go down to the barn and add this to her forehead.



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